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How i can help you

"inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential"

Watch this video for a thorough explanation of all the things I have to offer you through my life coaching plans. 



Professionals, leaders, and especially those in transition can benefit greatly from coaching. It will champion you to discover and connect to your true purpose and values. This work grounds you by knowing who you are and what you stand for. From this place of personal trust and power you then re-discover, refine, and rev-up your gifts, talents, and purpose for what’s coming next in your life.


Life, leadership, or executive coaching

with a focus on fundamentals, fulfillment, balance, and process coaching


Career coaching

for clients seeking a new career that includes a step-by-step process through three areas

of focus


Interview coaching

for clients that includes business preparation, individual preparation, and interview rehearsals 


Time Management/Organization coaching

and mentorship program


Public speaking 

-Lessons on leadership public speaking 

-Coaching fundamentals public speaking and seminar programs

-Church facilitation training program for small group leaders


COACHING principles

My four coaching principles and method come from 30 years of experience in leadership, communication, coaching, and strategic planning. I bring this experience and knowledge to each coaching session, championing you to chart out the next phase of your life. I truly believe every day and every person I coach is a gift and mission – it’s simply God’s design for me and my work.



Both determination and resolve are necessary when clients begin working with a coach. They form the starting point of making real change in our lives. That's why together, they are my first principle in coaching!


The importance of uncommon commitment is translating good intentions into great achievement, which makes it my second principle of coaching.


The ultimate goal of coaching is transformation in areas of your life bringing more balance and fulfillment. Creative capability is the key to transformation, making it my third principle of coaching.


We always have a personal choice to make when dealing with challenging situations or an uncertain future – you can wallow in the negative, or you can focus your energy on a positive way forward. This is what I love about my fourth principle of coaching.

Focus 4 Fulfillment Book...

Coming Soon! 

Years ago I developed a leadership philosophy that focused on four principles. I called it “My Four Things” and right now I am turning it into a book to share my Christian Soldier ideas on leadership. Our world desperately needs more leaders who focus on being professional, doing the right thing, the mission of their family and organization, and maintaining a warrior/positive attitude.


I am working as fast as I can to make this book a reality, so let me know if you want to stay updated on the progress and publishing date!


Fill out the following email subscription form and I'll send you updates on the book and other helpful correspondence from time to time. 

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